I was very happily married to a man when God came into my room in 1970. I had no intentions of changing my lifestyle as I was very contented and certainly was not looking for Him. However he visited me and said “my spirit will not always strive with man.” I was terrified and said, “Do not come near me.” and fled as I felt I was on Holy Ground. He did not give up and kept coming to me till eventually I surrendered my life to Him. He then took me from homosexuality to wholeness and in that wholeness I became heterosexual. I worked with Peter Lane in the founding days of Liberty Inc. which is an organisation outreaching to homosexuals. In spite of sufering great persecution, both demonic and natural, I am still whole and going on for God, and He still visits me. My wife, is supporting me in this ministry and my heart is to reach the nations in order to bring everyone to know that nothing is impossible to God. In my past life I stated to my father that nothing in the universe could change me. However I did not realise there was a power greater than anything in this universe and he wanted me. A DVD of my life is available to any pastor who wishes to know more with a view to inviting me to speak in church. We attend a very large and strong church and have the full support of the leadership. I am Australian, I live in Brisbane, and I am very much looking forward to speaking in your church at a time suitable to both of us. I have spoken before hundreds in the past, but due to health issues have not done so for some time. However God is healing me and I feel confidant and strong enough to start again, especially as I have a wonderful wife that God has given me to be a great support to me. www.homosexualitytochrist.com